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Catholic High School Fitness Center and Student Life Center
Under Construction

“I know you have already invested a lot in our project and we are grateful! All the former major projects we have done with an outside contractor. To me, it was a great blessing to work with people you knew well and knew to be people of integrity and excellence. Now, I know that I can feel the same way about our contractor for these projects! We look forward very much to working with you and to seeing these great blessings for CHS come into being!”

—Sister Kierstin Martin, Principal, Catholic High School


This is a renovation and addition to an existing building that is located on CHS campus. The 11,600 square foot will include renovation of the locker rooms and adding additional locker rooms for all athletic programs. This structure will include meeting rooms for coaches/staff as well as a team training room. In addition, it will also have a new full size weight/fitness center for student-athletes.



Located on the CHS campus will be a new standalone structure which will be utilized as the new cafeteria for students and faculty. It will include a full size commercial kitchen, outdoor patio seating, stage area, and faculty dinning/lounge area. The 7,700 square foot space will also be utilized for events and gatherings.


" It has been an absolute pleasure working with Bear Construction. They are very professional, knowledgeable, and very easy to communicate with. I have enjoyed working with Gary Morgan, he really knows his stuff and is on top of everything at the job site."

- Matt Adams, Head Football Coach, Catholic High School

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