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Thank you for the great work Bear did. Your responsiveness and hitting a very tight timeline was wonderful. We look forward to more projects.

– Quint Studer, Founder, Studer Group

Thank you so much, it looks wonderful. We are so happy with everything, and if we decided to build another location, we would hire Bear again! I am so grateful!

– Mandy Kestner, Owner, Bleu Hair Salon

...very pleased with not only the quality of work performed...but complementary of the way the project was professional and courteous all of the workers were...Exceptional crew!

– Rachel Jerkins, Stirling Properties

Bear was excellent!...really did a great job working along side my staff to get everything done as quickly as possible and still have the doors open for business! Thank you!

– Chaz Wolfe, Entrepreneur/Owner, Edible Arrangements

“… You and your team are living the values of transparency and integrity through consistent and thorough communication, responsiveness, and solid project management.  Luke Pittman has done a very nice job with schedule and budget, as well as managing the RFI, submittal, and COR processes – as well as our work force diversification and apprenticeship initiatives.  In addition to our weekly OAC meetings, I know Luke holds weekly meetings with subs, and delivers a weekly communication to let the immediate surrounding neighborhood know what can be expected in the coming week that could affect the neighborhood.  The jobsite is being managed professionally and orderly, and the subs are being managed to perform quality, diligent work with minimal impact to the surrounding property owners and businesses.

As you know, we greatly value our relationship and partnership with Bear and MayBear, and deeply appreciate all you do for us, and how you do it.  Thank you for being an example of integrity and professional business practices in the construction industry.  We look forward to the continuing progress and completion of this great project for the community, and to working with you again on future projects."

- Andrew Rothfeder, Studer President, Studer properties

"I know you have already invested a lot in our project, and we are grateful! All the former major projects we have done with an outside contractor. To me, it was a great blessing to work with people you knew well and knew to be people of integrity and excellence. Now, I know that I can feel the same way about our contractor for these projects! We look forward very much to working with you and to seeing these great blessings for CHS come into being!"

-Sister Kierstin Martin, Principal, Catholic High School

"I just wanted to let you know that I think Gary Morgan is a great superintendent."

-Joe DeReuil, Joe DeReuil Associates

"I just wanted to take a moment and say how impressed I've been working with Bear on The Well. I give a particular shout out to Will. He's been an EXCELLENT superintendent and insists on walking away from the work very proud of all that was accomplished. He really makes you guys look good. I hope we get to work together again soon. "

-J. Scott Sallis, AIA, Principal Architect, Dalrymple Sallis Architecture
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