Project Details

Mad Men Office

This is a renovation with changes to existing wall finishing, which was 70’s wood paneling, and a new break room was built for office personnel. There was demolition of the existing space, new plumbing and electrical installed for the new break room appliances, new cabinets and counter tops added, new flooring, all new finishes in offices, electrical switches added and relocated. This project is 1,800 square foot and took about 2 and a half months to complete.


Construction timeframe: 2.5 months / 1,800 sqft

Client reference: Rishy Studer


Design Features

  • Complete change in existing wall finishing, which was 70’s wood paneling
  • New break room for office personnel constructed

Additional Details

  • Demo and Renovation of existing space
  • Plumbing/electrical installed for new break room appliances
  • New cabinets/countertops
  • New flooring, and all new finishes in offices
  • Electrical switches added/relocated
  • Sprinkler head layout redesigned.

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