Simon Lord

Assistant Project Manager

Simon was born in the United Kingdom and lived and grew up close to Ipswich in England. He left school in 1984 and served as a carpenter to a local builder until 1989. He then joined his close friend as a self-employed carpenter until 2004, by this time he had traveled to many different parts of the UK gaining experience in the construction industry both commercial and residential. In 2004 Simon was appointed as a Project Manager with his close friends’ business. From 2004 to 2016 Simon mainly traveled and worked in London on many high end commercial and residential projects, including Buckingham Palace.

Along with his construction experience gained from his work in the UK, Simon has experience working for Innisfree Hotels in Gulf Breeze as a project and property manager where he assisted and planned the interior designs of the Innisfree properties. He also maintained the upkeep of all twelve properties and was vice president of the Baybridge Sub Owners Association.

In 2016 Simon moved to Gulf Breeze, Florida, and married Renee Napier that August. Simon had met Renee while on vacation to New York on New Year’s Day 2006.

Simon has two children from his previous marriage Jack and Cheyanne Lord. He is also a grandfather to his sons’ daughter, Ariana. His parents and children still live in the UK.

When Simon is not at work and the weather is good, you will find him on his kayak fishing the Gulf of Mexico, in the Bay or around Pensacola and Navarre. Simon has a YouTube channel (LordyYak) where you can see his catches. He enjoys movies and most music, has a love for history, architecture, space, and science fiction. A fan of most sports but misses his cricket as he used to play it when he lived in the UK.


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